Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It seems that if there is to be one certainty, it is that we are all neighbors!

This blog is a new project of The Archaeology of the Recent Future Association, which is the sweet & funny moniker for the many things I/we like to do, individually and/or collaboratively: films/videos, community projects, zines, drawing, printmaking, installation, sculpture, music, curating, and writing. Through the diversity of media, the goal has always been to make and support work that inspires vision and hope for a better world, and to present such projects (whether they be objects, images, or experiences) in as honest, loving, and interesting a way as possible. This blog was started as a way to more easily share text-based work - some recent writing, some interviews, some observations...

Currently, The Archaeology of the Recent Future Association is working on two film projects, both of which deal with portraiture and the pleasures of looking (especially, through a camera): One is a series of portraits filmed in 6 locations in China this summer, and the other is a collection of vignettes of children performing as their favorite animals in costumes and sets of their own making (in Milwaukee, WI, USA). ARFA also runs a small arts space called NEIGHBORS where a variety of public events and art shows are hosted.

This blog is still just being born, so it will remain small and bleary-eyed for a little while. But, hopefully soon, it will have a lot more exciting stuff on/in it! In the meanwhile, please feel free to leave a note, privately or publicly, here or there, now or later. Thank you.