Monday, October 20, 2008

"Early Spring Courtship Dance of the Totally Positive" at Citizen Jane Film Festival

Still from "Early Spring Courtship Dance of the Totally Positive" (16mm B/W film with live performance, 10 min) by Allison Halter. The project was made with assistance from The Archaeology of the Recent Future (planning, cinematography, and editing).
This film shows a traditional courtship dance of the Totally Positive of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The footage represents the typical dance, characterized by a series of stylized flight-and-pursuit movements, often seen in the early months of spring. For the Citizen Jane Film Festival, the film was presented with a mock lecture (as well as a dance demonstration) by Siobahn Burgundy, one of Allison Halter's many alter egos. The film played to a very enthusiastic crowd at a packed theater in the Ragtag Cinema (Columbia, MO) as part of a program of performance art and movies with live soundtracks.
Allison is now back in Portland, continuing graduate study and making hundreds of "bricks" out of cloth for her next project!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"CHINA, Portraits" at ICE Film Festival

On October 9-11, 2008, ICE (Iowa City Experimental) Film Festival brought Deborah Stratman and Vanessa Renwick to Iowa City as jurors of its 2008 festival. From a pool of over 200 entries, they selected 50 for screening over three days of events in and around downtown Iowa City. "CHINA, Portraits (Xi'an, Chenglu, Shanghai, Beijing, Jingdezhen)" - a 16mm film by the Archaeology of the Recent Future Association - was included as part of the closing night program.
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