Monday, April 09, 2012

Saturday, February 04, 2012

The World Without Us... Feral Houses...

And many more incredible images here.
And odd sensation overcomes me - elation at the sight of human constructions being overtaken, however slowly or quickly, by wild verdant growth. Humbling and exciting. There is a strange hopefulness at seeing vines, grasses, and trees climb through and into these structures - homes that once seemed solid and concrete, now crumble and crack under the weight of roots. And, then there is a sadness - or perhaps really a sense that there should be a sadness - that these houses - once homes - have been so utterly abandoned. And, then, the thought of all the toxins that have been used and the great pressure on ecosystems to absorb, transform, and survive amidst these ruins and synthetic materials - whose synergistic effects could never be fully studied. But, what remains is an awe in the face of non-human nature.

And then there's purposefully (and looks like, gracefully) working with plants to create homes: